A true legend.

That is what Nutella represents for millions of Italians, as demonstrated by its selection as “One of the five things that make life worth living” in a survey by a famous Italian weekly magazine, and by the article “Nutella, an Italian legend” by journalist Gigi Padovani.
Today, Nutella is a lovebrand with a place in the homes of all Italians, who were the target of the jar personalisation campaign.

The campaign leveraged the unique relationship between Nutella and each and every one of us, a relationship based on authenticity and total sincerity. Because Nutella has known us since we were children, and because the brand greets us every morning when we’re still just ourselves, plain and simple, before we start playing any social role (boss, dad, coworker, boyfriend, student, etc.).

That is why Nutella can call us by our name, without using diminutives or nicknames. And that is the strategy implemented by the TV film, the radio ad and the billboards, in which famous personalities stop using their stage name and, with the help of Nutella, reclaim the names they were christened with. Events and PR, social and digital initiatives were organised to provide support.

Project by Providence Italia.


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